Family Medical Practice and Dr. Chiba

We attended your medical practice and saw Dr. Chiba Hiroshi. We only had to wait 15 minutes from the time we spoke to your receptionist to seeing the doctor. Your services were efficient, your staff very professional and courteous. As English language speakers we were very impressed by the high level of spoken English at your medical centre. As you can appreciate, a visitor to your country can feel very anxious when trying to access emergency medical assistance, but the professional approach of your staff soon put us at ease. Dr. Chiba is an excellent physician, his examination resulted in a quick and accurate diagnosis of my symptoms and he prescribed appropriate medication. My prescription was supplied promptly, and the whole procedure, from entering the medical facility, to exiting took only 30 minutes. Having taken the prescribed medication my symptoms have abated and I am feeling much better and able to enjoy the remainder of my holiday. I would recommend both the Family Medical Practice and Dr. Chiba to any foreign visitor to Vietnam. Many thanks for your care and services.

Ms. Maxine Quinn

Dr Yaron and all the nurses

Dear Dr Yaron and all the nurses at Hanoi Family Medical Practice.

Thank you for making our teacher better.

Miss Katy is very happy to be back at school

Katy’s parents